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"Beautiful lakes in Tohoku: Lake Inawashiro, Urabandai"

"To a town with a lake"

The destination of this trip is Lake Inawashiro, the largest lake in Tohoku. When I look at the lake, I feel a sense of peace and calmness as I look at the calm surface of the water and the surrounding mountains and forests. I'm also interested in lakeside town development, so I went to Fukushima to explore the area around Mt. Bandai, which is near Lake Inawashiro.

"Story of Lake Inawashiro"

Lake Inawashiro is known as the fourth largest lake in Japan, and was formed by a huge volcanic activity that occurred about 4,000 years ago. At that time, an active volcano called Mt. Inawashiro existed near present-day Inawashiro Town, Fukushima Prefecture. About 3,800 years ago, the crater of Mt. Inawashiro collapsed due to a large eruption. A large amount of lava and volcanic ash spread into the surrounding area, and water accumulated in the crater ruins, creating the present large Lake Inawashiro.

"A town with scenery that changes throughout the four seasons"

The lake water is extremely clear, rich in volcanic minerals, and one of the attractions of Lake Inawashiro is that you can enjoy the seasonal scenery reflected on the surface of the lake. It is the result of volcanic activity and the power of nature, and is a place where you can feel the dynamism of the earth and the wonders of nature. Taking advantage of the fertile soil and abundant water sources, rice cultivation is flourishing around Lake Inawashiro. The scenery of the rice fields is beautiful, and the water from Lake Inawashiro is used to irrigate the rice fields.

Wind power generation is an energy generation method that is actively being used around Lake Inawashiro. Let's actually take pictures of beautiful scenery! I remember how strong the wind was when I opened the car window. Taking advantage of the windy area around the lake, I installed a wind turbine to generate electricity from the wind. Wind power generation is a type of renewable energy that contributes to the sustainable development of the region.

"Hotel Aalto"

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The area around Lake Inawashiro in the Tohoku region is relatively easy to access from Tokyo, but there are some inns that we highly recommend for a refreshing holiday for adults. ``Hotel Aalto'' is an inn nestled quietly in the forest of Urabandai, about 20 minutes by car from Lake Inawashiro. It is located in a large national park that spans the three prefectures of Tohoku and Hokuriku, and at the foot of Mt. Bandai, which is also known as the object of mountain worship. There are many hot springs in this area, so of course you can enjoy hot springs fed directly from the source at this hotel. The wood used in the building is soft to the touch, and the warm Scandinavian furniture is also something to look forward to. For dinner, you can enjoy rice from Aizu, one of Japan's leading rice producers, as well as traditional Aizu vegetables that are safe and allow you to enjoy the natural sweetness and aroma of vegetables. A truly blissful moment awaits you as you take a walk around the beautiful swamp on the hotel grounds, enjoy some Aizu sake, and soak in the hot springs.


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