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“OBORO” is a select shop established in 2022 that mainly handles domestic and foreign handcraft products such as vessels and vases.

A cloudy, imperfect hazy moon,

The concept is to find beauty in such imperfections and incorporate the ancient Japanese sense of beauty into our lives.

Juko Murata, who laid the foundations of wabicha, said, "I don't like the moon without clouds," and the ancient Japanese aesthetic is likened to the "oboro (moon)."

"OBORO" is made up of members who have studied architecture in Japan and overseas, and I myself, who wrote the article, studied architecture in Fukuoka/Belgium/Spain.

In addition to selling handcrafted products, we also plan to work as a bridge between the world and Japan, such as opening teahouses/restaurants using products handled by "OBORO" and opening physical stores overseas, mainly in Europe.

We plan to embody the life we ​​want as a space, such as by handling POP-UP and physical store design in-house.

Although the opening of the physical store is still ahead, I hope to be able to shape my life with everyone, so thank you for your continued support.

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