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Tea Sanctuary (sacred place)_Tokyo edition

"Tea culture" is an inseparable part of Japanese culture.
Let's experience our daily life, which connects the past and the present, in a special space. We would like to introduce you to our tea sanctuary where you can sharpen your five senses and experience.

Japanese tea Yakumo Saryo

(photo credit: style of place in Hong Kong

A saryo/kappo restaurant located in a quiet area of ​​Yakumo, Meguro Ward. Once you pass through the curtain-covered gate, you will see a detached tea room towering at the back of the garden. When you step inside, you will find yourself in a quiet and shadowy space that will make you wince. The interior design and concept were created by SIMPLICITY, led by Shinichiro Ogata, and the intention of ``bringing traditional Japanese culture into modern times'' can be read in every corner.

photo credit: SIMPLICITY HP

Here, seasonal Japanese tea and Japanese sweets are lined up, and you can enjoy choosing your favorite combination. The beautiful and dignified hospitality and manners unfolding before your eyes can truly be described as ``art that can be enjoyed with all five senses.'' Don't miss the experience of eating Gyokuro leaves (pickled in soy sauce) left over from the tea producing area in this space.

This sacred atmosphere may seem extraordinary, but it reminds us that this is actually the Japanese aesthetic sense and sensibility. You can enjoy different menus depending on the time, such as morning tea and afternoon tea, so you'll want to visit at various times.

Chinese tea & Japanese tea Te Hong

photo credit: google map

For those who want to enjoy not only Japanese tea but also Chinese tea, try Minami Aoyama Te Hong. In the brightly lit store, the owner behind the counter brews tea at the optimal temperature. The smooth, streamlined and sophisticated handling may actually be hiding precise calculations and sharp sensibilities.

There is a wide selection of carefully selected pottery, and some of the pottery can be purchased at the store. It's an experience that feels like an extension of my daily routine, and somehow I can feel my heart melting away. They also have a light meal menu and are open from 1pm to 1am. It's also nice to be able to enjoy the scenes separately.

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