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Advanced Kintsugi Kit

[Kit contents]
  • Raw lacquer
  • Bengara lacquer
  • Black lacquer
  • Pure gold powder 0.3g
  • Pure silver powder 0.5g
  • plastic spatula
  • bamboo spatula
  • Cotton × 2
  • Chopped ramie cotton
  • ground powder
  • Abrasive powder
  • Acrylic plate
  • Substitute Makie brush
  • flat brush
  • Ashi hair stick
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper (#800)
  • Lacquer polishing sheet (#800)
  • diamond file
  • Measuring spoon (0.1ml)

Kintsugi kit supervised by Chimahaga

What to prepare yourself
  • Rubber gloves (to prevent rash)
  • cutter knife
  • scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • cake flour
  • ethanol
  • Vegetable oil (salad oil or rapeseed oil)
  • Cardboard to put pottery under repair
  • wet towel

*Isopropyl alcohol can also be used instead of absolute ethanol. However, the cleaning power for lacquer is slightly inferior, so we recommend using absolute ethanol whenever possible.


When handling lacquer, be careful of allergic reactions to the urushiol contained in lacquer.

If lacquer is not dry, it may cause a rash, but once it is completely cured, it will not affect the human body and can be used safely.

It is important to always wear rubber gloves when handling lacquer. You can prevent the lacquer from coming into contact with your skin by using rubber gloves or arm covers. However, since lacquer evaporates in small amounts, people who are prone to rashes from poison ivy or mango may experience severe irritation even if they are wearing rubber gloves. If you touch the lacquer or experience irritation, please seek medical attention immediately.

OBORO is not responsible for any health damage caused by lacquer processing. Please be careful when handling lacquer.


1.金継ぎに使用する漆によって、特に漆は乾いていない状態の場合、手がかぶれてしまうことがございます。漆を扱うときは必ずゴム手袋を着用してください。(完全に硬化すると人体に影響はなくなります)ただし、漆は微量に揮発するため、ツタウルシやマンゴーなどでかぶれやすい人は、ゴム手袋をしていても激しい炎症を起こすことがあります。 万が一、漆に触れたり、炎症を起こした場合は、直ちに医師の診察を受けてください。
※漆の取り扱いによる健康被害については、OBORO、また運営会社のY2Textureは一切の責任を負いません。 漆の取り扱いには十分ご注意ください。




Advanced Kintsugi Kit