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Bizen Ware Flower Vase

Bizen ware, one of the six ancient kilns of Japan, is located in Okayama Prefecture. It originated from the gradual transformation of Sue ware pottery techniques used in the Kofun period, with production dating back to the Heian period. Among Bizen ware, the Toyofuku family is known for expressing the natural texture and appearance of the clay, as it is fired without any glaze or painting.

The pottery is wrapped in straw and fired, creating delicate crimson patterns as a result of the chemical reaction between the straw's components and the iron in the clay. The ash that forms during firing also gives a profound impression with its sesame-like appearance.

They are mindful of the "natural kneading" technique, which reproduates the atmosphere of the excavated clay in the pottery's expression, showing the complex appearance of the sediment layers as the surface texture.

To maintain the composition of the clay's layers, the pottery is made using a "rope-making" technique, in which all the clay is shaped into ropes and stacked. The resulting trimmed form is a beautifully sculpted piece of art.

A vase that embraces the flowers enhances their beauty, adding color to your daily life.

Please note that the item will be shipped in a wooden box, and it may take about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

height 21cm
diameter 9cm