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Shigaraki Ware Tea bowl

Shigaraki ware, one of the six ancient kilns of Japan (Shiga Prefecture)
Mr. Sora Tani's mountain tea bowl, based on the old Shigaraki, which can be said to be the root of Japanese aesthetics that began around the 12th century.

The thinly baked mountain tea bowl has a large mirror (the inner bottom of the tea bowl), so it seems that it can be used in various ways.

A sake cup that is typical of Shigaraki ware and has the characteristic of developing a faint red (fire color) when fired.

Sake cups that are baked without removing the coarse feldspar have a unique appearance, where the feldspar melts and turns into milky white grains.

The very beautiful form and color can be used not only as a bowl, but also as an interior decoration just by placing it.

*Please note that all works are one-of-a-kind, and the product you receive may differ slightly from the posted photo.

height 25cm
diameter 16.5cm