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"JINSUI TOKI", a brand that offers Tokoname ware teapots that have inherited traditional techniques to the present day, brings out the deliciousness of tea with its own innovative design.

JINSUI TOKI's teapot that uses "Ceramesh" does not use any metal tea strainer, but instead uses a ceramic tea strainer integrated with the main body to save time and effort when pouring tea. The thin and flat shape allows the tea leaves to open evenly in the teapot, allowing the ingredients to be extracted from the tea leaves efficiently and maximizing the original taste of the tea. In addition, you can enjoy the pure taste of tea without any metallic odor or unpleasant taste.

The unique "lid-slipping" technique allows the lid and body to adhere to each other, improving the airtightness inside the teapot. This ensures that the tea leaves are fully steamed and that you can enjoy a full-bodied cup of tea. Enjoy the taste of tea that combines tradition and innovation with JINSUI TOKI's teapot.

-Maintenance method-
1. After using the teapot, wash it with water and wipe it dry.
2.In addition, remove the lid from the teapot and dry it in a well-ventilated place.

-important point-
・When washing, we recommend washing with water (hand washing).
・Do not use chemical detergents or automatic dishwashers
・Do not use metal sponges (scouring pads)
・Open flames are strictly prohibited

height 4.5cm
width 20cm
depth 13cm
amount 80ml